Sunday, November 29, 2009

Child of Fire, by Harry Connolly

First, the FTC can kiss my rosy red rump.

Second, I don't usually do reviews on my blog, but this is a debut novelist and I only have good things to say about his work, so I think I should do it publicly.

Child of Fire, by Harry Connolly, is freakin' great--one of the best urban fantasy books I've read.

The cover accidentally-on-purpose resembles one of the Dresden Files books, and I'd say that's a fair tactic, because if you like Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series, you'll probably like Child of Fire. There's less humour, but the mystery is creepier and more skilfully-wrought, and the action is definitely on par. Also, the protagonist, Ray Lilly, is engaging in many of the same ways as Harry Dresden: He's on dubious footing with the law, but not morality. He repeatedly puts himself in harm's way to protect the weak, and he works with insanely powerful people who not-so-secretly would like him dead.

What sets Ray Lilly apart from Dresden, however, is that while Ray deals with an onslaught of bad magic, he has almost none of his own. His only weapon is a glorified piece of paper; his only defence is the protective tattoos his boss gave him. Through repeated violent encounters, he survives mostly with ingenuity, action, and the tools at hand.

This is a great book, and the start of what looks to be a fine urban fantasy series. I do recommend you check it out.

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