Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Power of the Sun | Hummingbird in the Snow

The power of the sun: Awesome!

PS - This is why you use telescopes in the daylight only with extreme caution. Even a just-swinging-the-tube-around glimpse of the sun will destroy your retina instantly, and you can also set things on fire pretty darned fast by leaving the telescope pointed in the wrong direction.

Link via Epic Win For the Win

In other news, we have a hummingbird hanging out on our balcony! The proximity of our feeder coupled with shelter from the snowstorm is apparently a winning combination as far as this fellow is concerned:

This shot shows how iridescent-red his face is. You have to catch him at the right angle or he just looks black.

Author website: J. J. DeBenedictis

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