Monday, April 09, 2007

In which your fellow citizen of the world says hi.


My name is Jen - but that's only half the story behind the name of the blog.

When I was in grad school, my lab had various computers of various degrees of obsolescence that were all named either after (a) the compounds we studied, (b) the atoms in the compounds we studied, or (c) bits of apparatus that we used to study the compounds.

One of my labmates, Darren, was our designated alpha geek. If you had computer problems, Darren was your man. Darren also has a profoundly odd and pervasive sense of humour, however, so when you asked him for help, sometimes you got more than you expected.

One of the milder forms of this was inspired by the fact that our man Darren likes a good pun. One of our labmates was using a computer called "Resonator", and his middle name happened to be Reza. Darren quietly renamed the computer "Rezanator" and that name stuck long after the student himself had graduated and left the lab.

And my computer, originally named "Oxygen" quietly became "Oxyjen".

Now - I really loved this. The Greek word root "oxy-" means "sharp", and although my personality is quite mild when you meet me in person, in written form, I can come across as a bit sharp. I also like to think I've got a decent number of brain cells chattering to one another in my noggin (even if the wonderful term "OxyJen" was Darren's bit of inspiration), which is another meaning for the word "sharp".

In other words, "OxyJen" was just too good an idea to not shamelessly snarfle for my blog.

This blog is likely going to include everything from real life musings to outright silliness, furious rants to scatter-brained wibblings. I'll be chipper; I'll be whiny; I'll be me.

Hello, you! If you're interested in the self-involved chatter of some random citizen of the world (which is the whole point of blogging, as I understand it), then I welcome you!

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