Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mental Daisies

I got my face half-licked off by a teeny-tiny, nearly-vibrating dog today. It was great.

On Sunday, some friends blasted into town and absconded with me. That was also great. I climbed a blooming cherry tree, walked on snow, and saw waterfalls, sunlit ocean, and white-capped mountains, all on the same day.

Those little, perfect moments happen regularly in an average life, but you tend to forget them. That, more than anything, argues in favour of keeping a journal of some sort. It gives the brain cells a fighting chance to dredge up a reminiscence sometime in the future.

Which is crucial for me, given that my brain cells spend most of their time tra-la-la-ing through a daisy-scape of their own devising. Rambles and rails and puppy dog tales, that's what little blogs are made of, and if the blog doubles as a brain-crutch journal, all the better for we wee scatterbrains.

Sorta Writing News:
I have three scenes left to rewrite in my novel, and then I'm done! Tra-la-la! *tosses mental daisies*

Backpedal, backpedal; what I mean is, my current (and major) round of revisions will be completed. After that, I'll have to go through the book one last time and buff and polish. I know there'll be a bit of that; in checking a plot point on the weekend, I spotted a scene that needs to be sleeked down. Thankfully, it's only sleeking that is needed, not an overhaul.

And then: finished! On to the querying!

Which means on to the query letter writing. *sigh*

That task almost makes me glad work is cutting into my writing time so much this month. No writing? V. bad. No need to think about query letters yet? V. v. good! *throws mental daisies*

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