Sunday, October 05, 2008

Back from Vaca! (Part 1)

Any writer buddies still loitering about here have probably noted I've not been around the blogosphere. This was partly because work got insane, partly because I went on a splendiferous three-week trip, and mostly due to me deciding the internet was eating my life.

So I quit. Cold turkey.

Um, for a given value of "quit". I kept up on email, of course.

Because the internet's attention span is about three seconds, I suspect I've lost all my regular readers by now, so this blog is now going to be mostly for myself (although I will still talk about writing a lot), for friends, and for family.

Speaking of friends, El Husbando and I are blessed to have two who are a pair of the most effortlessly interesting and intelligent people we've ever met. The more energetic half of this couple has leapt into the blogosphere with two blogs, one of which is meant to be a discussion of ideas. Please hop by Chris's ThoughtFood blog and join in. I promise, he's not just a frighteningly energetic thinker, he's also a joy to know.

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