Saturday, December 05, 2009

In Which Paris Hilton Is Deemed Wise

My favourite blogging literary agent, Janet Reid, has a very good post today about how an author's online self-marketing can lead to sales.
10 Things Crime Writers Can Learn From Paris Hilton
Don't let the title of the link scare you; Ms. Reid is referring to a funny post, also worth reading, on Do Some Damage (a crime writers' blog) wherein Brad Parks explains the wisdom of Paris Hilton (which, of course, would require translation.)
Faces Of the Divas
Here are my favourite bits from the latter article:
1. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: People need to believe your life is better than theirs.”

Out of the mouth of a babe comes great wisdom. Is there anything worse than hearing some mid-list author gripe about how their publisher isn’t doing enough to “push” their latest book? Let’s face it: For however far down on the list we are, there are still about a million people out there who would gladly swap places with us. We should act accordingly.

2. “Never have only one cell phone when you can have many. Lose one all the time. That way, if you haven’t called someone back, you can blame it on the lost phone.”

Now, I don’t care what line of work you’re in. That’s just good advice.

9. “Dance with no self-consciousness. You only live once.”

Substitute “type” for “dance” and you have some of the best writing advice ever given.

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