Monday, May 23, 2011

Introducing "Goblin's Humiliator"

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Okay! I have been dying to tell you guys about this for the past three weeks, but, um, I'm not a very talented programmer and I couldn't get it to work. Ahem.

But now it works! What works, you ask? Well, if you're reading this post via an RSS feed, then before I can tell you, I need you to first click through to my blog.

Everybody here, now? Excellent! Now look over to the right at my sidebar. See that new icon labelled "Goblin's Humiliator"?

This is my brand-new, fully-automated HUMILIATION MOTIVATOR. Mwoo-hahaha!

(Um; if you don't see anything, you probably need to enable Javascript on your web browser. Heh.)

It was, of course, inspired by McKoala's original Public Humiliation Challenge, but while The Koala lovingly delivers a more personal (and painful) incentive to write, my automated Humiliator will tirelessly goad you into meeting a daily writing quota.

The way it works is you have to write at least 100 words a day (and update your word-count online) or that icon changes to a slightly more embarrassing image. How embarrassing will it get? See for yourselves:
If you've been
writing consistently:
Goblin Rank: 7
If you've missed
one day of writing:
Goblin Rank: 6
If you've missed
two days of writing:
Goblin Rank: 5
If you've missed
three days of writing:
Goblin Rank: 4
If you've missed
four days of writing:
Goblin Rank: 3
If you've missed
five days of writing:
Goblin Rank: 2
If you've missed
six days of writing:
Goblin Rank: 1
If you've missed
seven days of writing:
Goblin Rank: 0
If you're on
Goblin Rank: On Vacation

Eek! Just imagine how awful it would be to have Day 7's image showing on your blog or website. And what writer couldn't use incentive like that? Ah, the clammy hand of fear on the back of your neck--you need it!

And fortunately, THE HUMILIATOR CAN BE YOURS! To sign up (it's free!), please go to the home page of Goblin's Humiliator and click the right-hand button to create an account and generate the code you'll need. Please sign up! (And, if anything behaves oddly, please let me know, because this is a beta version; herp-derp.)

Click here to get Goblin's Humiliator
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