Friday, June 22, 2007

Take me back, Sweetheart! I've changed my ways!

I'm finding blogging every day challenging and I'm afraid I will have to give that regularity up.

I have learned surprising things from the experience of daily blogging, however. I've learned I can come up with a good idea (with effort) by forcing myself to it. I've learned I'm too persnickety about making sure I say exactly what I meant to say and that every character, every comma is typed correctly. (Even short blog posts took me about an hour to write; even this one is starting to stretch itself out.)

I also learned I could sit down on evenings when I felt tired and out of ideas and write something. Something I felt pleased with.

Which means I should sit down, even on evenings when I feel tired and out of ideas, and write my freakin' novel instead of my steenk-ing blog. No more whining about how I'm a slow writer, either. Apparently, I'm just making excuses.

I shall attempt to blog once or twice weekly from here on in. Adieu for now, my pretties; my literary sweetheart awaits me tonight.

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