Monday, November 05, 2007

"Surprise!" said life.

Last night, my husband and I went for a walk, and on our way home, we heard a bizarre noise. El Husbando thought it was a particularly weird bird. I thought it sounded like a mutant cat. We walked by, but something about the pitch of that odd noise made me turn back.

It was a kitten.

Remember the old toy commercial's line, "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down"? Clearly this cat is not a Weeble, because it manages both activities just fine. We estimate it's between three and four weeks old. And yes--given the possibility of a raccoon coming by to clobber it--I am typing this post with a small (very small) black puffball sleeping on my lap.

We saw no sign of Cat-mum last night, nor did our hallooing of the nearby apartment patios turn up any results, so we took Puffball home and did our best in terms of making a bed and litter box for him (her? Seems rude to check.) El Husbando went back to post signs for the owner, but we really can't hang on to Puffball for very long. If I don't get a call by noon, I'll have the SPCA pick him up and will change the posters to let the owner know where to look.

My husband and I are both cat lovers, so this experience is a bit of a hassle and a bit of a treat at the same time. Puffball is adorable but seems so fragile. He wobbles when he walks and falls over when he tries to scratch himself. We're worried about him being away from Cat-mum but can't help enjoying his uber-cute mojo. I'd take a photo of him but, as mentioned, I'm currently pinned in my chair by a snoozing kitty.

I'm also listening to my landlady vacuuming in the hallway and really hoping Puffball stays asleep, because this would be a bad time for a bout of mewing to occur.

Puffball is now safely at the SPCA, having slept through the entire bus ride there. It turns out he has an abscess in his mouth, so he'll need a bit of medical treatment. I donated $50 toward that. After I got back, the owner called also, so it looks like Puffball will be reunited with his family. And...and...

And although I'm sure none of you need to hear this, is there anything quite so stupid and rude as complaining to the person who just did you a favour that the aforementioned favour should have been done in a way more convenient to the one receiving it? Exactly what is the merit of saying things that logically imply you think the favour-provider should at the very least be psychic but preferably that they should own a time machine and go back to readjust the universe to suit you?

@#$& twit; I almost hope the woman balks at the SPCA's vet bill so that Puffball can go to a home containing nicer humans. Yeah, lady; I'm so much more sympathetic to your plight now you've told me the reason a three-week-old kitten was outdoors for the night was because your 12-year-old niece dropped him and you decided it was too dark to keep looking. We found him at 6:30 PM, after all; it's not like it was past your bedtime. Hmm; do I detect a tendency to put your own concerns before those of every other living thing on the planet? Why, yes...I think I do...

Grumble, grumble. </rant> Thank you for your patience, kind blog readers.

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