Friday, December 07, 2007

The Bruises Shall Turn Into Pretty Colours

Wow; that was great. Excruciating too, but great.

Nathan himself wrote quite a detailed critique of why he didn't like the pages, and I'm just stunned by that generosity; he really went beyond the call of duty. Yay, Mr. SuperNice! His comments are specific, thoughtful and very helpful.

His readers' comments are pretty consistent also, and although I'm feeling kinda mopey about the verdict, it isn't totally unexpected. I came up with a unique style of writing for this book, which I thought nifty, but which is clearly intrusive. I'm going to have to tone it down and rewrite the novel.


No--no, I'm fine. Just this little nervous tick I've been dealing with. Nothing to worry about. Ahem. Yep; I'm good now. *twitches*

I really am thrilled to have got this opportunity. If I hadn't, the book would still be getting rejected but I wouldn't know why. Now I know. And it can be fixed. *twitches* Even if I'm not looking forward to that.

In other news, the outlining for my next novel is going well! It's starting to look like a plot, although I'm a bit worried about the number of subplots worming their way in there.

I shall have a meatier post on writing up in a few days. I'm just waiting for my nerves to stop dancing the Charleston. :-) Thanks to those of you who popped by Nathan's blog to leave a comment; I appreciated it.

EDIT: Oh! And I forgot to say congratulations to all of us on figuring out how to write a decent pitch! The query letter itself was pretty uniformly praised.

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