Sunday, December 30, 2007

Peace on Earth

Ah, Chocolate. The Breakfast of Champions Christmas. There's nothing quite like the wriggly-brained nausea you get from eating a litre of candy on an empty stomach to bring back childhood memories. Often in hallucinogenic clarity; it's probably due to your brain cells exploding from the sugar.

I spent a lot of my childhood terrified of nuclear annihilation. It sounds a bit weird now, but I really did live with the belief that I would die before reaching adulthood. For that reason, "Peace on Earth" is still my favourite holiday greeting, so whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I wish you peace wherever you live in this world.

Have a wonderful (and safe; don't snarf the liquor like you did the candy) New Year's Eve, and may we all get paid for our writing in 2008!

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