Sunday, March 02, 2008

Fangs Ahoy!

Jaye Wells has named March 2008 "National Adopt a Vampire Novel" month.

National? Poo to that! Let's make it international! (I'm in Canada. She's not. It counts. Heh.)

However, my adoption of a vampire novel isn't quite what Jaye suggested. Y'see, to my shock, my brain has apparently decided I'm going to write a vampire novel next.

This is a shock because while I don't mind a vampire rising from the grave page unexpectedly, I'm not a particular fan of either horror or urban fantasy. Generally, I just don't see a lot of vampires in my book choices.

Despite that, my muse is babbling feverishly about all the things you can use vampires as a symbol of. She's feeling quite keen about this, so okey-doke, Muse; we'll write about vampires.

Various agent blogs have mentioned recently that editors are getting tired of vampires, but the agents also note they're still interested in a bloodsucker provided you do something fresh with your dusty old revenant.

I guess that means I had better binge on some quality leech books, so I know what's been done before. Anyone have suggestions? (Note: I will likely enjoy books that have solid plots and raise interesting questions more than those which are all about hawt undead sexxoring. Thanks!)

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