Friday, September 11, 2009

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I read some good articles today. Extremely good, in fact. Please check them out:

If you're a writer, please read this:
I Will Not Read Your F---ing Script
Written by Josh Olsen, link from Et Arcaedia, Ego.

And if you're human, please read this:
Buy Low
Written by PJD.

One of the marks of good writing is it provokes a response, and for me, both these articles did--very, very different responses!


I haven't been blogging regularly, and while I'm honest enough to admit that's mostly due to laziness and my butterfly-grade flightiness, part of the problem is that I want this to be a writer's blog, and I haven't got much (of interest) to say about writing right now.

I'm trundling through a first draft still, and what could I say about that? The process consists of *tap-tap-tap* and "Oh! Right. I'm daydreaming. Stop that" and "Hmm, needs more gore."

It's plenty of fun for me, but I don't think I could impart any wildly-useful advice to anyone about this. Furthermore, I suspect reading about the day-to-day details would be like those posts from people who blog/twitter about their nail polish or what sort of latte they're drinking. Let's just admit, as a society, that we'd rather be looking at kittens than perusing such tedium, yes?


I've considered making up a list of topics, then creating articles on them. I've thought about--oh, golly--mentioning it to you here. Almost like, *gulp*, a promise.

I've decided against.

Not against doing those articles, mind you, but against promising anything.

You see, I've noticed when I blog to say things are going well with my novel, I (figuratively) face-plant soon after. When I blog to moan about how lousy my progress is, things soon pick up. This happens for the same reason we have the phrase "sophomore slump"; when you're in an anomalous high, there's nowhere to go but down, and vice versa.

And so, as soon as my enthusiasm waxes? DOOM.

So...maybe I will, maybe I won't? *shifty eyes* Best not to say.

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