Monday, May 17, 2010

"You are no chicken. You are an Eagle. One day you will soar."

Great post over on Ello's blog. Although it's titled "Random Funny Things My Mom Says", the advice is more heart-warming than humourous, and it's something I'm glad I heard:
From Random Funny Things My Mom Says--Part 7 by Ellen Oh

"Listen, don't be stuck on your book. Let it go and be happy. When you are happy, really happy, then go back to it. Nothing works when your brain is filled with stress." She rubs at the crease between my eyebrows. "Your brain is all filled with worry and stress and miserableness. Why you want to put that in your book? You put that in your book - who want to read it? Happiness makes you healthy. Healthy makes your brain happy. Then you write your book."

Author website: J. J. DeBenedictis

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