Monday, October 11, 2010

Time to Play!

Happy Canadian Turkey Genocide Day Thanksgiving! Truly, today is "Meaty Monday".

Could I use you as a guinea pig, gentle reader? Please visit the link below, play the game, and would you tell me if you see any glitches?

It's a big game, so it will take a few moments to load. I still want to add sound, but the game-play itself is complete and I want to make sure it works on a variety of systems. Hence, my invitation to you!

Flash Game Promo

So--any problems? Does it play well? Did it do anything odd? Is it too hard/too easy? It is too herky-jerky?

Erm, and yeah. That bit at the end. I am planning to ePub something in the next month or so. I still have to get an ISBN. I will keep you posted!

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