Sunday, September 18, 2011

Callous Seducer of Good Books

I'm currently more than half-way through two great novels right now, which is odd because I'm usually monogamous about reading.

You see, I was going out of town for the weekend (to be fed to the point of rupture by my absolutely lovely mother-in-law), and I had neither enough of the first book left to guarantee not running out of reading material nor enough space in my luggage to take two books with me.

Thus, that first book--a solid and dependably-enjoyable sweetheart of seven-hundred pages whom I have been commited to for over a week, now--is unaware of the flashy hussy I picked up at the library and had a weekend fling with.

And that hussy? Well. Let's just say you can tell that novel has been read a lot.

Still, I know my first book will take me back and everything will be just as good as it once was--although I can't foresee being with the poor dear for much longer.

And my relationship with the hussy will also soon run its course. I mean, you don't exactly settle down with a fast little number like that.

Always more books in the stacks, my friends. Always more books in the stacks.


Thank goodness for Twitter buddies! My friend Dale McGladdery caught something I might well have missed while I was away--my flash fiction piece Wetware Woes finally came up on Escape Pod.

This is a piece that started life as a winning entry for one of Janet Reid's contests. It's great to see it finally out! (And both weird and edifying to hear someone read what I wrote--Editor Mur Lafferty did a great job, but I'm not so in love with some of my odd-ball sentence constructions now, I tell ya!)

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