Friday, January 18, 2008

MemeMemeMeme... "Why do you blog?"

Merry Monteleone hath tagged me for memeage. Verily, I am to answer the question: "Why do you blog?"

I started blogging because various agents had stated on their own blogs that today's authors need to be able to do more than write well. They are also expected to be good at self-promotion, professional networking, public speaking, bookseller-schmoozing, viral marketing, spin doctoring, time dilation, erotic kazoo, and looking like a dewy 23-year-old fashion model.

To which I said, "The hell?" and decided I could at least blog.

I keep blogging because I have fun writing my posts, I really enjoy the interaction with others, I learn stuff and simultaneously feel like I might be helping others a bit, and--of course--nothing scratches that itch to procrastinate like the internet does.

Behold Goblin: killer of memes, destroyer of chain letters. I will maliciously refrain from tagging anyone to do this meme.

If you wish to, however, do consider yourself politely invited. :-)

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