Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rant: Just 'fess up, would ya?

~~We interrupt this writing blog for a wee leetle ranty-poo~~
(And yes, there was a trigger for this rant, but I'm not going to go into that.)

Being a feminist means you believe women are people.

Not sub-humans, and not members of some alluring alien tribe--people. You believe that when you look into a woman's eyes, there's a human being looking back at you.

All the stuff about equal rights and having the vote blooms out of that belief. If you believe someone is a person, you can't agree with treating them as anything less.

The anger that leads some women into the symmetrical sin of believing men aren't human blooms out of that belief also, unfortunately, and if you find that anger detestable, then you have my complete sympathy on the matter. It's the same crime, in my eyes.

But what's so scary--so socially unacceptable or so dreadfully uncool--about admitting you're a feminist? Especially if you're female and hold down a job? It's a pretty mild condition to cop to, after all--do you believe a woman is a person? Then bingo-bango-bongo, you're a feminist.

It's one thing to not agree with the tactics or mindset of those who plunge right through equality into a new form of hatred, but refusing to calling yourself a feminist when you are one is just silly.

Especially if you reap the benefits of the feminist movement every time you cash your pay cheque or decide for yourself what you'll wear today.

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