Monday, January 07, 2008


Yeah, so apparently I'm not blogging about writing this week. :-)

Blogger buddy Merry Jellinek did a horoscope meme recently, and by golly, that sounded like fun to me also.

But for completely different reasons. *evil grin*

I think horoscopes are nonsense and I don't even consider them benign entertainment, although I will admit that, like gambling, most people manage to not get sucked into a harmful addiction. People usually just enjoy searching for a reflection of themselves in their horoscope; it's a bit like looking for pictures in the clouds, only more personal.

So here's the meme. I list the attributes associated with my birth month below and say which ones describe me accurately. If you would like to join the Borg perpetuate the meme, please refer to Merry's original post for all the birth month attributes. Read her answers too, because they're way more interesting than mine (because she's not taking the piss).

And just to make my point, I've compiled statistics at the end.


(1) Loves to chat.
No. I'm bashful.

(2) Loves those who loves them.
Uh...isn't that true of most of humanity? We're all sluts for a bit of kindly attention.

(3) Loves to take things at the center.
Um. What the fuck does that mean?

(4) Inner and physical beauty.
*inspects self* Interior, okay. Exterior could use some lip gloss.

(5) Lies but doesn’t pretend.
Um. What the fuck does that mean? And no, I don't generally lie.

(6) Gets angry often.

(7) Treats friends importantly.
Erm. No. I'm a hermit. I tend to let my friends moulder for months at a time, unfortunately.

(8) Always making friends.
No. See (1) and (7) above.

(9) Easily hurt but recovers easily.
Sorta-yes-if-it's-important and sorta-yes-if-it's-not-too-important.

(10) Daydreamer.

(11) Opinionated.

(12) Does not care of what others think.

(13) Emotional.
Not enormously, no.

(14) Decisive.

(15) Strong clairvoyance.
Not noticeably.

(16) Loves to travel, the arts and literature.
Oh, come on; how many people would say they don't like any of those things?

(17) Touchy and easily jealous.

(18) Concerned.
Um. Okay. About what?
The environment? Sure.
Improper technique in competitive speed-walking? Not so much.

(19) Loves outdoors.
Yes, and again, how many people would say they don't? A full 11/12ths of the population or maybe a bit less than that? Hmm?

(20) Just and fair.
Yes, and doesn't this contradict (17)?

(21) Spendthrift.

(22) Easily influenced.
No, and doesn't this contradict (12) and (14)?

(23) Easily loses confidence.
No, and doesn't this contradict (11), (12) and (14)?

(24) Loves children.
Which is such a rare trait, after all. Most of humanity detests children. That's why we've gone extinct.
(Since I don't want children, I'll say (24) fails to describe me well. Kids are okay, and I apparently ovulate sand.)


Got it right? 8 (including 3 that I consider marginal)
Got it wrong? 11
Statement so vague I refuse to count it either way? 2
Statement makes no sense? 2

Success rate: 42%

Ergo: horoscopes for the fail.


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