Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic Orgasm

So, um, I had ideas for my weekly Meaty Mondays post, but, um, this hockey game kind of got in the way...

Canada's awesome men's team just beat the equally-awesome Team USA to win the gold medal--a fact that not only makes a lot of Canadians ecstatic, but also gives our country the all-time record for most gold medals won at a winter Olympic games. Like, whoa. Go team!

I live in the Olympic city. This is what downtown Vancouver looks like at this moment. The noise beggars description; Vancouver is roaring.

Lots of random happy people:

Robson Street:

They call us tree-huggers for a reason, you know.

I wish I'd gotten a better shot of these guys' awesome maple leaf turbans:

More random happy people:

Two guys riding down the zipline:

The river of red and white:

More random happy people:

With random happy puppets:

The heart of the celebration (the crush of the crowds got scary-intense up here, so we didn't go much farther):

Yay, Team Canada! But also kudos and congratulations to Team USA for their brilliant performance and their silver medal.

I shall not lie: you guys had us pooping out mason blocks.

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Sarah Laurenson said...

I've been very happy to see Canada not only break the 'no gold on home turf' curse, but stomp it to death.


Looks like the French Quarter at Mardi Gras, but not quite as colorful. Or with as much expanse of bare skin.

Kate said...

Although I was rooting for USA, we feel no shame for losing that game; it was awesome, and Canada deserved that win. I can feel the happy vibes all the way down here.

jjdebenedictis said...

...but not quite as colorful. Or with as much expanse of bare skin.

Heh, well this is Canada. It's been warm this spring, but not that warm.

Kate: And your team was awesome; that game was such a nailbiter.

Merry Monteleone said...

Oh that game was hard to watch... but very exciting. Congratulations on the win - and the celebration looks fabulous.

It's amazing too to see all the players from the same NHL teams playing on different teams in the Olympics - I think we had 5 Blackhawks between your team and ours... I wonder if it's hard to compete so hard against your own team mates.

jjdebenedictis said...

Merry: It must have been devastating to watch--your guys were sooooooo close.

It's certainly unsettling when the star player from your home-town team is playing for the other guys. I can't imagine what it's like competing against a team-mate or two.

Bernita said...

I was so wound up over that game I couldn't bear to watch it all...switched back and forth to Will Smith in I, Robot when my heart rate went up.

jjdebenedictis said...

Bernita: I don't even own a TV, and I was having heart palpitations just listening to my neighbours screaming and groaning!

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