Friday, June 25, 2010


This one was on Janet Reid's blog--Ms. Reid being an awesomely feisty literary agent who I heard speak at SiWC 2007 and who runs the QueryShark blog.

The contest was to create a 100 word story featuring the words even, tramp, shuffle, lair, and epic, with bonus points for including the phrase till death us do part. The prize is the 10-CD audio version of Andrew Grant's new novel EVEN.

The prize is rather awesome, but possibly even better is the very kind praise from Ms. Reid regarding my entry:
And the winner of the contest is a jaw dropping gorgeous entry that used the required words with freshness and originality. This might be the best quick writing contest entry I've ever seen.
Please click through to Janet Reid's blog to read the entry. It, um, isn't the world's most coherent piece; I had to shave eighty words off it to bring it under the word limit. Heh.

All the same, squee! Many thanks to Ms. Reid for the contest, her generosity in creating and judging it, the 'mazing prize and her extremely kind words.

To be honest, when I read her announcement post, I first skimmed through her honourable mentions hoping I had at least managed to snag one of those and felt a little sag of disappointment when I realized I hadn't. Then I got to the winner and went, "Hey...waidaminute..."

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