Monday, August 02, 2010

Books for Merry

Merry Monteleone

I had been wondering just yesterday why I hadn't heard a peep from one of my blogging buddies, Merry, recently, and today I found out the unfortunate reason why. As Erica Orloff explains here:
Merry Monteleone and her family were in the midst of raging flood waters in Westchester when heavy rains hit Chicago. The contents of the downstairs of her house were lost, and though it's just "stuff" (lives were lost in the flooding), most of us can imagine how it would feel to watch photo albums and meaningful memories wrapped up in the "stuff" of our families . . . be carried off.

While big "stuff" can be replaced with insurance, Merry lost all her books, and a group of us decided to replace them--with Amazon gift cards, with books, with signed copies of books, with ARCs. We want to see the blogosphere flood her mailbox with good wishes and replace her library. If you love books and your TBR pile is as tall as you are, you know what they mean to her.

What can you do? Send books! Send Amazon cards! Reach out to your favorite authors and ask them to send her a signed copy! For her address or more information, contact:

She has three children middle school and younger. Their books were in their bedrooms and most survived, but it would be great to get some books just for them, too!
I'm going to be mailing Merry some books; would you please consider sending her some too? I've been interacting with the lovely and lively Merry for ages, and it really did shock me to learn about this today.

Best wishes to our blogging buddy Merry and her family.

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