Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arr, Matey--Hand Over that Sedan

Here's an article I think is just 'sploding with the potential to be hijacked (no pun intended) for a story:
Engineers Can Now Wirelessly Hack Your Car
The experimenters were able to control the car's door locks, dashboard displays, and brakes using this technique.

And how did the hackers gain access to the car's systems? By hiding a Trojan Horse virus in the data file of a song burned onto a CD.

That's right, folks--be careful what music you pirate, or the pirates may come for you! (and the sweet, sweet booty of your Honda Civic.)

Just as an aside, has anyone else found that Blogger is now behaving weirdly whenever you edit? When I try to highlight and change part of a word, it erases the whole word, and sometimes words to the right or left of the one I wanted to change, too! Quite irritating.

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