Thursday, April 03, 2008

Blog Roll Call!

It's about time I put up a list of all my blogging buddies on the sidebar, isn't it, Y/Y?

The reason why it happened NOW is frankly that I've been missing you all terribly. When our main computer died, I lost my more-dependable brain all my website bookmarks. Thus, if you're wondering why Goblin hasn't been hanging out with you lately, and thinking it's something you did or maybe a symptom of an abruptly-developing dental issue, I assure you--it's only that I've been wandering in the wilds of the internet for the last week going, "Hellooo? Helloooo? Guys?"

Hah! Let blogger's server be my substitute brain henceforth. So; have I got everyone? If I've missed you accidentally, drop me a comment and I'll add your blog or website to the list! (If you have more than one blog, please let me know which one you want linked.)

And in other writing news...

...I'll have more to say later today.

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