Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Happy 100

This is my 100th blog post. Hurrah!

I missed my 1-year blogiversary by a few weeks, but hey--we're all still hungover from Evil Editor's rawkin' party, so the oversight comes as a massive relief to our virtual livers, I'm sure.

To celebrate my blog's odometer ticking over to zeroes again, I propose a contest! And to make it really interesting, I propose:

(Picture that in blinky font; I dunno how to do blinky font.)

Aaaaand because I'm po' the prizes are in fact a prize, and a chintzy one at best: a $15CAD gift certificate to Amazon for the winner.

But you're all slavering like crazed beasts, right? You're pulsating in anticipation 'cause it's free, darn it, and free is like candy wrapped in bacon dipped in maple syrup and slathered with cream cheese, right?

Okay, so you're not quite that excited. Regardless! Here's the contest:

Write me a story exactly 100 words long. Being even one word too long or too short disqualifies you, although I will be lenient about sketchy cases like hyphenated composite nouns (e.g. "ten-year-old".)

Post it in the comments; you retain all rights (unless Blogger steals 'em; I haven't checked their fine print.)

The story can be about anything you like, and the winner will be chosen by the thoroughly dodgey criterion of having been the story I liked best (humour is always a safe bet.) Commenters may sway me with their eloquent online votes. There is no limit on the number of times you can enter!

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbours. Tell that hairy guy at the bus stop who wears no pants under his trench coat.

The deadline is Friday, May 2nd, 7 PM Pacific Daylight Time (i.e. expect whiny snivelling and self-pity from me if nobody enters by then.) The winner will need to provide me with an email address to send the gift certificate to.

*Grins wildly and fires the starter's pistol*

Fine Print: Comments on the stories are encouraged, but only if they are complimentary, i.e. this is not a critique session, so all negative comments--even if constructive and polite--will be deleted. Only say nice stuff, okay? Okay. Thanks for your cooperation, guys!

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