Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ode to an Evil Editor

Oh, Evil Editor, breaker of hearts, scourge of the querily-challenged, snarky friend to writers--happy two-year anniversary, O Hallowed Bearer of the Sideburns of Sarcasm! Who loves ya, baby? WE DO! WE DO!

Genesis of an Evil Editor

There once was a harried poor editor
Who frothed at the queries coming in his door
He told the authors they stank,
And their writing was rank
But the fools just flocked back for more

"You're so funny!" they squealed,
"And you give us feedback for real!
O Editor, it's you we adore!"

So he rolled bloodshot eyes
And heaved a great sigh
Then gave in and put on some horns

Now Evil rules all it surveys
And in blogland, the writers chant and sway
Adoring their Editor
Whose eyeballs are still sore
But whose blue pen bad queries will slay!

(Speaking of blogversaries, I missed my own by several weeks. My next post will be my 100th, however, so I'll do something special for that one.)

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