Friday, April 18, 2008

Is It Rude to Point? Not in Blogger-Land!

Time to point and stare! Well--I'll point, and you stare. Hopefully, you'll participate also.

The Happy Cat, Merry Monteleone, is graciously hosting a pitch/query workshop on her blog. Submit your query or pitch in the comments, and Merry will give you her thoughts and suggestions on it. This is a great opportunity to get a cold reading from a very warm-hearted fellow writer! Please pop by Merry's site and join the fun.

And speaking of fun, if you have a questionable sense of humour, Ello has the contest for you! It's the Pee-My-Pants Funny contest. Write a (250 words max.) short story for Ello, or caption a photograph for her, but whatever you do, your mission is to make Ello laugh so hard she pees her pants. (Please read her instructions on how to submit.)

I have no idea if this is a simple task or not, but the fun is in the trying! And there are prizes... (But not urine-related ones, thankfully.)

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