Friday, May 02, 2008

You Are All So Frighteningly Talented!

First of all, thank you to Travis Erwin, who not only entered the Happy 100 contest but also linked to it and thereby brought some very talented writers (including himself) here. I really appreciate it, Travis!

Eight brave souls oiled up their sleekest 100-word flash fiction, dressed it in its finest spandex and spurs, then hurled it into the ring to scrum for the not completely lame prize of the Happy 100 contest!

And they were all so darned good. If you haven't already, please go read the entries and give the authors some well-deserved adulation. I was truly impressed with the high quality of the submissions and found it hard to choose a winner. I liked each and every story--so well done, competitors!

There's only one winner, but I've picked two runners-up also because I loved their stories so much I'd like the excuse to say so publicly. Unfortunately, the runners-up don't get any prize other than being added to my blog roll. *points to the right*

Drum-roll, please.

In third place, with this wonderfully funny story:

Mom In Scrubs!

In second place, with this also-hysterical story:

Reid Kerr!

And, without any further pregnant pauses to drive you out of your mind with impatience, the winning entry is this atmospheric bit of creepy-beautiful, which is brain-squeezings of:

Josh Vogt!

Congratulations Josh! I agree with Writtenwyrdd's comment: I love that haunting last line. Please email me at:


and let me know what email address you'd like me to send your Amazon gift certificate to.

Thank you to everyone who entered; this was great fun and I really was thrilled with the quality of the entries. Come back in another 100 posts to try again! :-D


Conduit said...

Congratulations to Josh on a great little story, and congratulations to JJ on your 101st post. :)

Mom In Scrubs said...

Thanks for the blogroll love, and the third place props!! And congrats to Josh, his story was most excellent.

This was really, really fun...prize or no prize. I love to stretch my brain and take on a challenge!

Oh, and I'll put something fresh on my blog soon so my front page doesn't look like something a lovestruck teenager would write!

Thanks again!!

writtenwyrdd said...

contests are fun, even if I am no good at all at them!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Oh, by the way I visited some of the blogs on your roll and added a few to mine:

Mom and More
Random Acts of Unkindness
Reid Kerr

These are the ones that were the most "up my alley"!

Thanks again-

McKoala said...

Congratulations to all of you!

JJ, I feel stoopid. I saw this, thought 'cool, I like these flash fiction contests', wrote a story (OK, so it was in my head, but still it was ready for paper)...then forgot where I'd seen the contest...

Again, congratulations to all who remembered and entered and are brighter, and quite possibly better, than me!

stephe said...

Awesome idea for your 100th post. Wish I'd thought of it!

And some great reading to boot. Congrats to the winner, and Atta Boy/Girl to all the entrants.

Josh said...

Thanks Goblin, and all. This was a really fun contest! And congrats on the 100th post as well. Heres to hoping the next 100 will be just as fun.

Aerin said...

I'm just now finding my way over here, JJ, and I wish I'd come sooner! I'm linking you, I hope that's okay!

Travis Erwin said...

Congrats to Josh!

Reid said...

I appreciate the kind words, and take my runner-up honor seriously. If Josh is ever forced to vacate his crown because naked pictures of him find their way into print, I'll be happy to ascend to the throne.

Gracias for adding my blog, I'll do the same to yours. Thanks!

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