Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Evaporating Pigeons

The principle of conservation of matter is being challenged by pigeons.

Allow me to back up.

Last year, a pigeon laid an egg on our deck. Yes, some people hate pigeons, but we thought mommy-pigeon was quite adorable. Unfortunately, one day while we were at work, the egg tipped off its precarious perch and broke. Mommy-pigeon then disappeared.

And so did the egg shells.

We found the yolk and white lying in a puddle on our deck that evening, but no shells. And just how does a pigeon sweep up and dispose of broken egg shells?

Flash forward to this year. Another pigeon (or perhaps the same one?) laid an egg in one of our planters. We were again charmed, and put out birdseed and a water dish for her. Her mate popped by regularly to trade off on the egg-sitting with her, and we became one big happy pigeon-human family (meaning they probably thought of us as the embarrassing in-laws who kept dropping by to visit.)

According to The Great Spider-God of Wisdom (Google), the gestation period of pigeon eggs would put hatching day right...about......now.

Today, I peeped over the shrubbery to check how mommy-pigeon was doing and found--


No Pigeon. No pigeon-baby. No egg. No egg shells.

Solid pigeon (as opposed to liquid pigeon) is apparently capable of de-materializing.

Egads; no wonder they seemed poised to take over the world. Next time you get pooped on by a bird you didn't see? Consider the possibility that you couldn't have seen it. They're breeding stealth-pigeons, I tell you.


All silliness aside, I feel a bit down tonight. A childhood friend just called to let me know her dad passed away last night. He had only been ill for about a month and was certainly too young to go. He was also a wonderful fellow--joyful, zany, warm-hearted and ferociously loyal to his family, and he never let adversity even faze him. He had a weak leg due to having polio as a child, but he wore shorts and went hiking regardless. If the leg gave out and sent him tumbling, he'd be back up and laughing about it in a second. I'll really miss him.

Happy journeys, Doug. They've got an awesome walking stick and a brand new leg waiting for you in heaven; you're going to love it there.


Mom In Scrubs said...

Sorry to hear about your sad news. He sounds like a man who had a zest for life and made the most of his time here....

As for the pigeon story - too funny! I read about birds eating their own eggs here: http://mysite.verizon.net/vze8aart/id20.html Kinda gross but interesting. Maybe you should give the pigeon some eggshells to eat next time...or maybe it's pigeon population control at work.

writtenwyrdd said...

Sad news! Good energies from me to you and your friend/friend's family.

Julie Weathers said...

Very sad news about your friend's father, but you are right. There is a better place.

As for the pigeon, it's possible a predator got the baby. It will have a blood scent when it hatches so it would attract cats etc. Even eggs attract predators. Who knows, but it would have been fun to watch the family in action.

claud said...

Sorry to hear about your pal, too. Robert and I were noticing that lately: so many people we know are leaving this life -- just going on to the next thing, but it's funny how every year there's one less birthday card to remember, or Father's Day gift, or whatever...it's like we're finally getting hip to the deal here -- it's temporary for all of us. Why didn't I get that before?

love to you, jen.


Travis Erwin said...

Sorry to hear about your friends dad. and that is weird with the pigeons.

Ello said...

Ah! Blogger hates me! I posted a comment here before but don't see it! I wanted to say how sorry it was to hear about your friend's dad. But I loved your little tribute to him. What a wonderful way to remember him.

And with the pigeons. That is bizarre and funny. Do you think something is eating them, shells and all?

Aerin said...

(I am sorry to steal your blog, but I couldn't find an email address. I loved the editing help you gave Merry - would you consider helping me with a short story I just put up? It's here - IF you have time and IF you feel so inclined. Thanks either way!)

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