Sunday, January 09, 2011

Introducing the Query Goblin

So.... I really enjoy giving critiques. I love the act of analysing what works, articulating what doesn't, and trying to come up with better solutions. I love to feel like I'm teaching--like I'm helping.

I haven't done much critiquing lately because I tend to go overboard and I worry that I'm overbearing because of that. Also, because I go overboard, I get burnt out if I critique anything longer than a few pages.

A few days ago, blog-buddy Adam Heine asked for a query letter critique on Twitter, and I took him up on it.

And oh, it was fun. It was everything you want when you give a critique: the query was already well-written, I felt I gave some useful and concrete advice on how to make it better, and Adam was very generous and complimentary in his thanks.

And now I've got the itch again, darn it.

I've been thinking for a few years I'd like to start my own critique blog, but of course there are already a lot of very good ones out there. Also, I don't want to either burn out or be overbearing, and I do want to create a site that focuses on improvements, rather than simply pointing out all the things that a person did wrong.

Well. Here's my attempt to do this:

I don't know how successful The Query Goblin blog will be, but at least it is very different from other sites, and I think I'll enjoy running it.

If you have a query you'd like to toss into the Goblin's maw to get things started--or you know somebody who does--please point them my way! And thank you very much for checking out the site.

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