Friday, January 15, 2010

McKoala Presents: The Year of Submission

McKoala, the toughest marsupial in the Eucalypt, has announced her new challenge: The Year of Submission!

If you think you're tough enough, pick up that blood-stained gauntlet; I dare you.

McKoala's post has all the details, but the rules are essentially that everyone starts at zero, and you gain points by submitting at least one short story, poem or article per month to a paying market or contest. Additional points are earned by meeting word count minimums or beta-reading, and submitting a novel zooms you right up to the top!

The downside is if you start slipping in the rankings, you will feel the claws of McKoala's fearsome alter ego, The Koala.

To earn myself sycophant points celebrate McKoala's latest challenge, I have designed some new badges to mark the victims' participants' progress. If you've decided to join us in our merry masochism, then feel free to snag these for your own blog:
(Right-click on the image, then select "Save Image As...")

9 or more points:

8 points:

7 points:

6 points:

5 points:

4 points:

3 points:

2 points:

1 point:



(Why yes, that is a very attractive goblin, isn't it?)

Final images are subject to change at the Koala's whims, because hey, you don't say no to someone who has both claws and a temper, am I right?

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