Sunday, January 04, 2009

The B. S. Haiku

New Year's Resolution 0001: Blog regularly, i.e. once a week, probably on Sunday evenings.


Yeah, so I always have trouble coming up with proper blog fodder. Either I have a mind-bolt that demands at least three thousand words to explain, or I can't think of a freakin' thing.

Which is how it works with writing novels also, except the word count is much higher.

So I've come up with my own demented way of attacking the dread' blank page: I write haiku--usually featuring rather rude expressions of frustration and self-mockery.

The point is to get my fingers (and imagination) moving, in hope they will keep moving. After all, a haiku is easily erased, and lo! No more scary blank page to wibble in terror before. Muhahaha! More power to the keyboard-poker.

Which is all a long-winded way of warning you that if I stick to my resolution, you're probably going to see Blank Space Haiku on a regular basis.

It's snowing again
Are you certain I can't whine?
My toes are chilly

Erm. And not that I expect anyone to actually play along with something this silly, but if you ever do find yourself writing a B. S. Haiku? Please pop it into a comment anywhere on the blog, and I'll add it to a separate post that not only glorifies your stunning contribution to the high art of B. S. Haiku, but which also links back to you.

Seriously, did
we forget to pay a bill?
More snow. Lots of it

It's like someone took
Frosty's name in vain, and now
his mom is pissed off

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