Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gallery of B. S. Haiku

(Ahem; that stands for Blank Space Haiku, of course.)

Oxyjen, Feb. 22, 2009

Ode to an Oversized WIP:

Corpulent beastie
I fear your creeping bloat-ass
Stop stuffing your face

Dead Dishwasher

If we bought Maytag
instead of mayfly, we'd have
time to know you well

Farewell, dishwasher
May you reincarnate as
a Hummer next time

Buying a Condo in Springtime

Feed upon the flesh
of subprime mortgage corpses
We're proud to be ghouls


PJD's latest challenge:
Form a haiku with the words "Try an allergist" 26/01/2009

"try an allergist"
it's become my new motto
new mottos... how bourgeois


Sepiru Chris's response:

Try an allergist...
They clean the hard to reach teeth.
The Crocodile smirks.


OxyJen's response:

"Try an allergist"
Is a really tricky prompt
You're a crafty one

Will this undo me?
Will PJD laugh at me?
No--I must prevail

*deep breath*

Surgeons are stringy
For a tender cut of meat
Try an allergist

From OxyJen, 23/01/2009

The good-deed Goblin
Pleased mighty McKoala
And earned a gold star

From OxyJen, 22/01/2009

Yeah, once more, Asshole.
Pull that fire alarm for the
laughs. We just love it.

From Sepiru Chris, 21/01/2009

Explanation for delayed responses:

My prolixity
slowed creativity; my
brain froze shut in fear.


Usefulness of big words (in two parts):

(Part 1)

so big it just fit.

(Part 2)

Don't estimate as
worthless. Utility is
always in our mind.


Rules for making Haiku:

1: Five syllables.
2: Write seven more for fun.
3. Repeat 1. Done.

From PJD, 21/01/2009

(Response to OxyJen's poem from 20/01/2009)

those poor engineers
they're easily terrified
by girls and sunlight

From OxyJen, 21/01/2009

Humble scientist
Struggle to hear the cadence
Of reality

Worship the beauty
In your oddball, nebbish way
Resolve this fine view

From OxyJen, 20/01/2009

I spent this morning
Terrifying engineers.
They're cute when they're small

From PJD, 19/01/2009

pistols at sunrise
are for cowardly sissies
haiku duels take guts

OxyJen's response:

But I'm such a yutz!
You people are, like, artistes.
Still. You're on, buddy.

From OxyJen, 19/01/2009

Marsupial claws
Tip-tap outside my thin door
I sweat as I type

The claws are silent
But the silence is pregnant
Hear it listening

From OxyJen, 18/01/2009

All socked in, fog-bound
No chores, no demands, grey day
Good time to sleep in


The pearl of the sky
Turns blue after three days' fog
The city lights up

From OxyJen, 16/01/2009

Beer-y fragrance wafts
Smell that tang of thriving life?
Please take out the trash

From PJD, 07/01/2009

it's three word wednesday
pit your haiku against mine
do you have the guts?

OxyJen's response to the above challenge:

You don't want to see
my guts stand and deliver.
Not a pretty sight.

From Virginia Lady, 07/01/2009

I don't do Haiku
But you can certainly write
Good B S Haiku

From Ello, 06/01/2009

I have no
Good haiku for you
Only bad

hee hee

From OxyJen, 04/01/2009

It's snowing again
Are you certain I can't whine?
My toes are chilly

Seriously, did
we forget to pay a bill?
More snow. Lots of it

It's like someone took
Frosty's name in vain, and now
his mom is pissed off

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