Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

For New Year's Day:
May your hangover be small, and your eyes un-crusty. May the party-wreckage of your living room be manageable, and may all your guests be safe and sober at home now (rather than asleep in your bathtub.)

For the month:
May your waistline hastily recede back to the size of your pants. May the chocolate-induced acne fade before you have to go back to work. May you feel all the hopefulness of approaching spring.

For the year:
May you have a safe and prosperous 2009, full of joy, good health, and great heaping whack-loads of pure fun. May you reach all your goals (writing and otherwise), and may your challenges only be exciting and invigorating ones!

Have a very happy 2009, everyone!

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