Thursday, January 08, 2009

*puffs up feathers and tries to look tough*

PJD has thrown down the poetry gauntlet and challenged me to pit my Three Word Wednesday haiku against his.

Naturally, he's going to completely kick my ass.

Prompt words: Panic, Deception, Scheme

Resulting Travesty of the Noble Art of Poetry:

Without deception,
He fell into a panic
The scheme had no savour


floreta said...

nice, i like haikus. this shows a lot of dysfunction to me.. you need deception?

jjdebenedictis said...

Floreta: Well, I'm not a he, so the person in the poem is hypothetical. :-)

ThomG said...

Welcome to 3WW. I think you did a fine job going up against PJD.

angel said...

I liked it. Looking forward to reading more, and good luck with the book!

lissa said...

I would have done a haiku also but I just hate counting syllables

anyway, I like the haiku, thought it fit your state of mind about PJD's challenge

jjdebenedictis said...

ThomG: Thank you, and thanks so much for stopping by! That was very kind of you.

Angel: Thanks so much--for both sentiments!

Lissa: I do better counting syllables than being artistic, really. Thanks for your comment!

pjd said...

AAAAUUUGH! I read this while waiting for a plane, and they called boarding, and then I forgot to come back when I got back on line.

I am so sorry. What a lout I can be sometimes.

But ThomG is right. An honorable and right worthy effort against my haiku.

We shall meet again!

jjdebenedictis said...

PJD: Hey, no worries. I am the queen of forgetting to go back and check blog posts. (I blame Google Reader. The rest of the world can blame my sieve-like memory.)

*salutes you with haiku-sword*

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