Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Three Word Wednesday

PJD has challenged me to another haiku-off!

Hmm...intimidating, given his recent (Jan 20) win in the Clarity of Night contest...

(But congratulations again, PJD!)

Edit: Consider these two stanzas to be one poem.

Humble scientist
Struggle to hear the cadence
Of reality

Worship the beauty
In your oddball, nebbish way
Resolve this fine view


ThomG said...

I will reserve judgment until PJD posts, but I really like the second offering.

Fledgling Poet said...

Very clever...I especially like the second one!

floreta said...

i like the two together.

Tumblewords: said...

Fortunately, I am not required to vote! Grin. I do like the second one better, too.

pjd said...

You may have thwarted me this time, but I shall return, stronger and with more powerful 17 syllables!

jjdebenedictis said...

ThomG: Thank you! I like PJD's second offering best, which you mentioned also.

Fledgling Poet: Thank you so much! I do appreciate your comment.

Floreta: Yay! I actually wrote them as a single piece, but forgot to mention it. Thank you!

Tumblewords: (*psst* What if I bribe you?) Thanks you very much! I appreciate it.

PJD: Thwarted you? But I am the one who fell for your nefarious plan! And now look--poetry spattered everywhere and you've still out-haikued me. I bow before your poetic majesty (even as I plot my revenge.) *grovel* *grovel* *stink-eye* *grovel*

McKoala said...

Nice poem, I like 'oddball' .

Hm, I think I need koala claw graphics.

one more believer said...

yes, partners in rhythm... tho i find it hard to imagine a humble scientist... maybe something like dexter's laboratory.. gee, gotta get a life.. thaz what happens when one watches tv w/their children...

jjdebenedictis said...

McKoala: Hur, hur...check your last post. *waggles eyebrows*

One More Believer: I did graduate studies in physics, so I've worked with scientists, and the portrayals you see on television are SO far off the mark, it's absurd. Scientists are generally well-rounded, sociable, smart as hell, funny, and not inclined to act egotistical. They usually don't act humble, to be honest; it's more like excited--they're simply people who really love their jobs.

gautami tripathy said...
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pjd said...

You've been missed on 3WW. Will you come back soon?

On another note, you must go
here right now. If anyone can kick ass here, it's you.

jjdebenedictis said...

PJD: Ooh! Cool! Although I feel badly entering that, since I don't have a query, and am not on the market for an agent.

Did it anyway, tho'.

I shall come back to 3WW this week for sure, since it's Reading Break and I have time. Normally, Wednesdays are a bit of a hairy work day for me. Sorry for not having been by!

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